Crixeo Article by Pippa Dyrlaga

It’s hard to fathom the enormity of skill required to pull off a stunning paper-cut piece. When you find an artist blessed with such a deft hand, such a masterful eye that can see through both the wide and microscopic lens, your jaw drops. With the paper art of a master, the accents found in the tiniest of details are mind-boggling.

That’s how I felt — cross my arty heart, hope to die — when I first got acquainted with Pippa Dyrlaga’s paper cuts. 

Martha Stewart Article, August 2017 by Pippa Dyrlaga

So, what exactly is paper cutting? It is a delicate process using a sheet of paper to carve and cut into a silhouette. After drawing an image, Pippa uses a scalpel to design an object, animal, or even a scene (a ship inside a bottle spewing ocean water) to create a stunning finished product. She admits her process can "take hours to complete."

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Colossal Article, June 2017 by Pippa Dyrlaga

Yorkshire-based artist and printmaker Pippa Dyrlaga has a lovely portfolio of cut paper works. Each piece is cut from a single sheet of paper and is infused with a rich pattern of repetitive cuts that form the scaly details of twisting snakes to the patterned plumage of parrots or the fur of cats. Dyrlaga has degrees in Contemporary Art Practice and Art and Design and Curation from Leeds Metropolitan University and now works on a variety of freelance and commissioned projects. She also translates many of her pieces into limited edition screen prints which she sells in her shop.

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Yatzer Article, June 2017 by Pippa Dyrlaga

Obviously referencing a time when patience in creating art was a virtue and all that was needed was the artist and their medium, the intricate paper silhouettes of British artist, Pippa Dyrlaga, are both beautiful to behold as well as impressively detailed. But how exactly does she make all those minute cuts so perfectly so as to create an enchanting image with the sum of them? They unobtrusively hearken back to a time when patience in creating art was a virtue and all that was needed was the artist and their medium.

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My Modern Met Article by Pippa Dyrlaga

The Yorkshire-based artist transforms simple sheets of plain paper into extraordinarily complex works of art using nothing but a pencil and a scalpel. Dyrlaga fell in love with the craft as an art student in 2010, after dabbling in the art of silhouette-making. Eventually, however, she turned her attention toward more intricate and complicated projects. Her astounding attention to detail (and undeniable patience) is apparent in each creation; from birds with wings as light as lace to fragile hand-lettering, her chosen subject matter showcases her skillful and steady hand.